Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Russian Aiders

We are fast running out of the titanium "rings" that make up the Russian Aider "aid trees".  These were from the original batch that came from Malcolm Daly at Trango when they discontinued the entire Russian Aider project.  

I just sold the last 1/2 completed set of prototype "cuffs" and there are for sure no more cuffs lurking around here.  

So this is your heads up:  if you think you are going to need new "aid trees" for this season or any season in the future, I would buy them now, and stock up.  I don't see this product being available again from us, at least in its current form.  And I have no idea if anyone is making the cuffs anymore either.  Try Ebay?

Here is the link for the trees:  FISH Aid Trees

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