Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Knot tip

A cool knot for securing a fixed line on something like the raps from the Heart or down from Sickle, or any two bolt anchor is the Double Figure 8.

It is fast and secure, and gives you two quasi equalizing "ears" to clip into the bolts.  Here is the link for a demo of how to tie the knot:  Double Fig. 8

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rappelling with a skinny trail line

There is a discussion going on over at SuperTopo that is directly related to a rappelling fatality in Yosemite last week. There are many posts on the technical aspects of rappelling with one lead line and one "pull" line of a small diameter, when the anchor consists of rap rings.
Petzl has a diagram of how they suggest a single line rap should be done.  Their method is safe enough to keep you alive, but it too has problems with the knot possibly getting through the rap rings and then becoming un-retrievable from below .  I've suggested that the clove hitch method be used and is the safest method available in this scenario.
The relevant technical posts start here in the thread.
There is some really good info in that thread and is worth your time to read it and understand it.
Clint Cummins has just added a great presentation of Yosemite style anchors and which rap set up will allow or not allow the knot to pop through the anchor rings.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

FISH product instructions

The written instructions for things like Haul Bags and Portaledges are pretty well buried on our site in the Tech Weenie Pages.  Until the new site is up and running, they might be a bit easier to find right here.
Listed below are PDF's of the instruction sheets that come with many of our items. If the item you need instructions for is not listed,
please email us.

FISH Haul Bags, All models
FISH Atom Smashers, All models
FISH Portaledges, All models
FISH Hooks, All models
FISH Headmaster kits
FISH Bolting Gear

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yeah.... I get spam

How much more shank lengthening or Eastern Blok women do I really need? I mean c'mon... except for a few guys who spray on SuperTopo, who really needs this stuff? Here is about a months worth of junk email in the bin at the server. I understand that I have a bunch of email addresses associated with the biz and whatnot, but this seems ridiculous.
And this is just at the server level.  My desktop filters (I have 106 of them) pump down about 500 or more useless emails a month to the local trash bin.  Unreal...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bail Sling Offer

From the Leave no Trace thread on SuperTaco.  This is an offer for 3 pieces of webbing that when knotted can be over the shoulder length slings.  You get one of each color, Yosemite gray, JT tan, and Red Rocks red.  Slings are 1" tubular nylon and are less visible than some of the tat described in the above thread.  Be a good doo-bee and order up a set to live in the bottom of your pack until needed. I hope the PayPal button works.  If not, just email us or order directly from your own PayPal sign-in. Cost is $5.00 total and includes shipping.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Yosemite Web Cams

Those Yosemite Web Cams sure are some sweet action!  Here is the link to the cams: http://www.yosemite.org/vryos/
I just happened to peek in a few minutes ago and this is what I saw:

The view, as Raymond Chandler would say, "is satisfactory".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Portaledge Flagging

I was just thinking about this very thing and a thread showed up on Mountain Project regarding flagging a portaledge.  The link to the whole thread is at the bottom of this post.

By Conor Dysinger
From Missoula ,MT
So I am prepping for the summer and getting my big wall gear together, and have a new addition of a portaledge to my gear pile. I have hauled on a wall before, mostly a small pig on an overhead system using body weight to hoist it, but never a ledge. Does anyone have any tips on carrying up an open(deployed) ledge? or any don't do's?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job Openings

FISH is always looking for talent to work at your location, calling your own shots (in an overly micromanaged my way or the highway kind of way) and being able to meet delivery deadlines.

Russian Aiders

We are fast running out of the titanium "rings" that make up the Russian Aider "aid trees".  These were from the original batch that came from Malcolm Daly at Trango when they discontinued the entire Russian Aider project.  

I just sold the last 1/2 completed set of prototype "cuffs" and there are for sure no more cuffs lurking around here.  

So this is your heads up:  if you think you are going to need new "aid trees" for this season or any season in the future, I would buy them now, and stock up.  I don't see this product being available again from us, at least in its current form.  And I have no idea if anyone is making the cuffs anymore either.  Try Ebay?

Here is the link for the trees:  FISH Aid Trees

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alabama Hills Anchor Maintenance

The Chief, an Eastside guy and SuperTopo poster is doing some much needed anchor replacement in the Alabama Hills.  Strong effort out of these guys!  We were glad to donate a custom Atom Smasher and extra beefy Bolt Bag to the cause.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Customer!

Hey there,
Earlier this year i ordered some fish duffels from you, and just wanted to let you know how
king they are, and send a pic or two...    we are happy customers. =)
We went to Ruth Gorge this past summer, and the texas duffels were the PERFECT choice
for strapping onto a sled, and we even left them out in the weather(had to dig them up a few
times) and ther was no leakage of course, bombproof is what they are.
So thanks for making durable reliable products!
I'm about to order 2 Grade V Haul Bags... getting ready for a big trip. I am going to put in
the order tonight, so i hope you are still making those...

Portaledge Takedown

This vid was made a while back for my buddy Shack to show him how to take his single FISH portaledge down.  The soundtrack seems to be a bit of a mindbender for some, but it will grow on you.

New Prototype Portaledge

Just finished it up.  You would think I would be out an the bars, being fanned by nubians, and tipping with Benjamins..... but no.  Late night sewing for a Valley launch later this week by a big name test pilot.  Some of the stuff is pretty cool and will be showing up on the current batch of ledges.  Structurally it is the same. These were "soft" improvements to the suspension and bed.  Too secret to tell right now, but you'll see them around.  Thanks to the test pilot too!  Good ideas!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Living Hell that is material sourcing

Finding the materials to produce the suaveness has a Golden Fleece feel to it these days.  All the great fabrics of yesteryear are now extinct.  Minimum roll size is through the roof, so before you can even decide if you want a certain fabric, you must buy 100 or 1000 yards of the stuff.  What happened?

Even hardgoods are becoming a nightmare.  The FISH Hook, industry standard for bad ass burly is all but extinct due to the cost of 4130 steel and machining.  Portaledge corners are becoming short in supply and a new source must be found soon, or there will be no more ledges.  It is smelling like a doomsday scenario.  Anyone know a good and cheap machinist?