Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job Openings

FISH is always looking for talent to work at your location, calling your own shots (in an overly micromanaged my way or the highway kind of way) and being able to meet delivery deadlines.

Machinist: Must have own shop or similar.  Will need at a minimum a Mill and Lathe.  If you have CNC capabilities, so much the better.  The task is making portaledge corners and connectors.  Small runs, and you would be responsible for sourcing and prepping the materials, and delivering completely finished goods with no 2nd ops to be done by FISH.  Possible expansion of duties to other metal goods currently and formerly produced by FISH.

Sewer:  Must have industrial walking foot machine or similar.  Tasks involve runs of various smaller products that will most likely be provided in cut form, ready to sew.  If you have a 42 stitch BarTack machine, there are more opportunities for additional products.  If you are currently running a sewing job shop, material sourcing and in house cutting would be a plus.

Email us if you think any of the above might fit your program:  info@FishProducts.com

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