Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Living Hell that is material sourcing

Finding the materials to produce the suaveness has a Golden Fleece feel to it these days.  All the great fabrics of yesteryear are now extinct.  Minimum roll size is through the roof, so before you can even decide if you want a certain fabric, you must buy 100 or 1000 yards of the stuff.  What happened?

Even hardgoods are becoming a nightmare.  The FISH Hook, industry standard for bad ass burly is all but extinct due to the cost of 4130 steel and machining.  Portaledge corners are becoming short in supply and a new source must be found soon, or there will be no more ledges.  It is smelling like a doomsday scenario.  Anyone know a good and cheap machinist?

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  1. Hey Russ,
    Have you checked out the machinist in Bishop? His shop is between Willow and May, right near French's wood shop. It seems like a capable shop, but not a production type of joint.
    Good luck tracking down the goods. What would the world do without Elvis print chalkbags and Fish Ledges? Perish, for sure. Fish Products rule!
    Neil Rankin


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