Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Portaledge Flagging

I was just thinking about this very thing and a thread showed up on Mountain Project regarding flagging a portaledge.  The link to the whole thread is at the bottom of this post.

By Conor Dysinger
From Missoula ,MT
So I am prepping for the summer and getting my big wall gear together, and have a new addition of a portaledge to my gear pile. I have hauled on a wall before, mostly a small pig on an overhead system using body weight to hoist it, but never a ledge. Does anyone have any tips on carrying up an open(deployed) ledge? or any don't do's?

By Caz
From Long Beach, Ca
Everything you need to know about flagging your ledge.

Conor Dysinger wrote:
Thanks for the advice. Don't want to destroy the new ledge.

By Russ Walling

You will. Flagging ledges for sure fucks them up, no two ways about it. It wears them in parts that are not protected against wear. It clangs them around. It dings the tubing. It bends the tubing when honking on it to clear roofs and in corners. It makes for lost parts since some ledges aren't that flag-able. It exposes it to way more UV over its lifetime which is not so great on a high tension piece of equipment. If you are too rich or too lazy to pack your ledge up each morning, go for it. If you need a ledge to hang out on all day for whatever reason, buy a cheap used one, tape the shit out of it, and don't count on it as your primary as it just might not make it through the wall. Try a small sheet of plywood instead of a "day-ledge" if you must.

By Caz
From Long Beach, Ca
So Russ,
Pete... He fall under lazy?
I'm not much for flagging a ledge myself. Too much of a pain in the ass for what it's worth. Look for something easy to set up, like a fish ledge...
(You like how I did that Russ?)

By Russ Walling
hahaha! yeah.. Pete is lazy. I got a bug up my ass about flagging right now because his "new" ledge is in here for repairs because the bed got dragged on the top unprotected side and now needs to be repaired. So instead of watching the Dodger game with a margarita, I'm futzing around with his smelly ass ledge!
hope you are well man!

Excerpted from this thread on Mountain Project

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