Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Hiatus

We will be mostly out of the shop/office from June 27th until late August.  Ya'll know it is too hot to climb anyway, so get your Fall orders ready and send them in now.

During our hiatus we might be a bit slow in answering emails but we will still be accepting orders for Fall delivery and we can ship out some small stuff ASAP if you really need it.  If you have an order in here already with a drop dead date during our vacations time, it will be completed and shipped just like normal, and on time.

Email us to see if we can get you an ASAP order.  Things like portaledges will be a problem, but if you need some Wall Bags, or a Snake Charmer or a haul bag or something, we can probably get that out to you pretty quick.

Thanks and see ya in the Fall.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Out Of Town (till May 19th)

We are out of town until May 19th.  You can order up and do all that stuff, but probably won't get a reply until we return.  The good news is all the orders that had to go before we left have GONE!  Any drop dead dates up to the 19th of May are covered and your stuff will arrive on time.

Have a lovely day and an even better tomorrow!