Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas and see ya next year!

Thanks for the skate board Santa!!
Thanks for all the orders and hopefully they have all arrived in time to get under the tree.  There is no more time to make and ship orders for Christmas, so please don't beg.  Orders not needed for Christmas are always welcome, but your confirmation email might be a bit late since we are going to be out of town until after the New Year.  See ya in Twenty-Eleven, hopefully with all sorts of new goodies and a new and improved FISH web site.  Keep checking back here for a launch date.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do you FLAG your ledge??

I've posted this Q over on SuperTopo, but you can answer here as well.  These were the questions:

How many people actually flag their ledge these days?

How many flagged ledges do you voyeurs see up on El Cap, as a percentage of total ledges seen?

And if you don't, why don't you flag your ledge?

Thanks for any feedback. As for 2011 there is probably going to be some portaledge changes since the 2010 prototype ledges outfitted specifically for flagging were a big hit.
Let me know about it!

Here is some more info on flagging from Climbing Magazine:  Flagging your Ledge

Here is a previous blog post I made in May about ledge flagging and how it will damage your ledge.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Production schedule is pretty darn full.  If you wanted anything, you might have a couple more days to order, then lights out.

Orders not needed by 12/25 are still welcome.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

D5 Hammer Production

photo by Vershke Group
At last, the cool new D5 hammers are freshly minted and ready to pound some iron!  This is the long running  (5 years from concept to fruition?) project from over on Supertopo.  All FISH did was tack up some slings, so toss out a big hand to Theron Moses, Joseph Healy, Conrad Anker and a bunch of other SuperTacoites that made it happen.
Here are links to the whole story:

Who's in?

Who's in II?

I want one list of people!

Actual hammer Production

Hammer Time announcement

You  can order your hammer right here from The Vershke Group