Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Snake Charmer customer!


My sister got me a SNAKE CHARMER last Christmas, and I have to say it is one of my all-time favorite pieces of climbing equipment. I used it to good effect for my solo adventures on Mordor Wall and The Prow on Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire, where it was mission-critical. I also like the fact if you have fixed a few pitches and are claiming a line, all your expensive trinkets aren't hanging out there tempting people to jug on up and take them.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Ledge customer!

Hi Russ,  after almost 11 weeks i am finally leaving Yosemite.  I clocked up 20 nights in my ledge over 3 solos (the prow, zodiac and tangarine trip) and Mescalito with a partner.  Also the atom smasher worked out great as a day bag on a 9 hour run up leaning tower.  So thought i'd just say thanks again for all the great gear you have made.  hopefully i'll find the time to come back again soon as there are a lot of routes to be done on the captain!

Happy Ledge Customer!

Fly received. Thanks again man!

By the way, the ledge kicks ass! I have not used very many brands of ledges or many ledges at all for that matter ... yet... so my opinion doesn't have a lot of weight behind it but... I did however, practice with several other brands of ledges and also practiced and climbed with yours. I found myself struggling to get other ledges set up and did not care for the suspension systems for most. They were awkward, uncomfortable, heavy and not practical. Yours on the other hand, I can set up from a hanging belay in the matter of a couple of minutes. The suspension is solid and stable in just about any position and hanging out on the ledge was cozy and comfy. One of the mornings I woke, I swore I slept better than home. 

Better materials. Lighter. More comfortable. More stable. Easier and faster to set up..... I'm pretty proud to sport the FISH ledge and understand why the demand for these things are so high.

Thanks again,