Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Almost Back! Spring 2014

We are actually thinking about getting back to work... something like mid_March looks a lot like a "go" date to be back in full action.

If you have an order in with us right now, and tons of you guys do, your March drop dead dates will be fine.  If we have not confirmed your order, then email us again.

If you are thinking you want a Portaledge and are holding off on ordering, don't.  There have been a ton of ledges ordered while we were on vacation and the next window for getting yours delivered, if you ordered right now, is mid April.  March production is basically full and there is no more time to make you a ledge for anything earlier than about April 15th.  A May delivery might even be in the cards.  Sorry, but a bunch of early birds have done snatched the worm on this one.